We believe that PR should be affordable for EVERYONE, no matter their budget. 


The hospitality industry is a fast-moving and highly competitive industry. New hotels open every week, booking websites/apps are multiplying exponentially, operational technology evolves faster than most hoteliers can keep up and consumer travel preferences keep changing. 

Amidst all that, you've created a new B2B tech solution that will DRASTICALLY improve hotels' operations. (Well done, you!)

So how can you get your solution in front of potential buyers? How can you effectively communicate the benefits of your complex, high-tech solution to potential customers, who don't have a bachelor of engineering or an understanding of coding? How can you boost your sales and market share, without blowing your budget? 


In our 10+ years of experience working with B2B technology vendors (like you!), we have seen PR accomplish miracles; brand-new startups have drastically increased their visibility to potential hospitality customers, established a leadership position and, most importantly, made 


In short, PR can be the difference between a highly successful company or a major flop.

Which would you rather be?


JLNPR is a full-service public relations and marketing agency that lives and breathes all facets of the travel industry. From OTAs to RMS, in-room technology to mobile apps, JLNPR leverages our industry knowledge and experience to get your travel technology company noticed by media, influencers and potential customers – and whenever possible, without the overused, often abused press release.

Whether you want to DIY your company's PR or let us do all the heavy lifting, JLNPR can help you leverage the HUGE benefits of PR for your company. 




That would be me...


President of JLNPR Inc. & Chief Educational Officer (CEO) at DIY.JLNPR 

Nice to meet you! 

I'm a PR pro with a passion for the travel industry and 11+ years experience executing media relations, content marketing and marketing activities for hospitality technology vendors. If you need someone who is passionate about the hospitality industry AND who knows the difference between a PMS, CRS and RMS, I'm your girl!

Some of JLNPR's clients (both past and present) include Vertical Booking USA, SiteMinderLodgIQ, TripCraft, ReviewPro, REVPAR GURU, among many others.

That takes care of the business stuff...

Here are some important things that you should know about me (the person, not the business woman):

  • I'm a former, full-time digital nomad who has taken up (temporary) residence in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. Even so, I'm sure that I'll be traveling this beautiful globe of ours again sometime very soon!
  • I'm often quite verbose, both when it comes to the written and spoken word. (You've probably already figured that out, right?!)
  • I have a blind, senior long-haired chi-pom pup with no teeth, named Benoît, who I rescued from BUTTONNOSES, a Toronto-based dog rescue that saves senior and special needs tiny dogs.
  • You may have already realized that my company name is my initials, JLN (Jennifer Leanne Nagy) + PR, which is, obviously, my area of expertise.
  • I'm taking courses to become a sommelier in my spare time and I aspire to own and run a vineyard + chihuahua rescue in the future. 
  • The seven things that I can't live without: 
    • Sunscreen (I wear SPF 110 in tropical countries - redhead problems!)
    • Vintage clothes - I live for 80s fashions à la Pat Benetar (notice a resemblance?!).
    • Wine - My faves are Old World reds, that are dry, full-bodied & tannic. 
    • My laptop & cell phone (that counts as one if they're both Apple products, right?)
    • Rattan EVERYTHING - I make rattan backpacks & buy all of the vintage rattan furniture/decor. I blame it on living in Bali for a year!
    • J.K. Rowling (the genius behind my fave book series, Harry Potter).
    • The semi-colon, my favorite punctuation mark. 

Want to learn more about me? 

Read my hospitality marketing columns on ehotelier, Hotel Business Review, Hotel-Online, EyeforTravel, 4Hoteliers, among others.

Learn more about me by reading my HuffPost articles on small business, marketing, divorce and relationships. (I know, it's a random intersection of unrelated topics... but hey, that's me!)

If you want to chat all things PR or if you have any questions about PR and marketing best practices, contact me anytime at [email protected].


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