To Buy or Not to Buy… That Is the Question

2 Tips to Boost Your Company’s Brand Awareness & Close More Sales

By Jennifer Nagy, President of JLNPR & Chief Educational Officer at DIY.JLNPR

Small businesses, especially those in the startup phase, spend a lot of time focusing on how to increase sales. (I mean, rightfully so; after sinking thousands of dollars into developing a brand-spanking new technology solution, who wouldn’t want to start making some of that cash back ASAP?!) 

Because of that mindset, most entrepreneurs launch their business with a complete sales strategy established, a team hired to do the legwork and incentive structures established to incentivize their sales staff – which is great; however, in many cases, having a sales strategy AND a great, innovative product isn’t enough to close sales.

Here’s why: hotels can’t buy your technology if they don’t know it exists. No matter how good your sales team is or how innovative your new solution is, it’s...

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